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The Best Yoga Style to Suit Your Personality

Whether you’re just starting to embark on your yoga journey, or you’ve been practicing the same style of yoga for years and are curious to try something different, it can often be confusing trying to decide on what type of yoga class is best for you.

Whether you want to relax, sweat, have a full-blown workout or get in touch with your spiritual side, – we can safely say that there is a yoga courses Melbourne to suit you and your personality! You might be surprised to hear that you don’t even necessarily need to be bendy for some yoga Prahran classes.

At Kaya, we offer a curated selection of authentic yoga styles and classes that each holds its unique benefits, from faster-paced Vinyasa classes to alignment-based, heart-opening Hatha. Because of this – we are bound to have a class that suits your personality and offers the kind of workout …

Five between-season style tips

Dressing between the seasons is notoriously hard and months that make life especially difficult when it comes to wardrobe choices are September, October, April and May. One day it can be blazing hot, the next freezing cold. This means you’ll want to be wearing an outfit that can a) adapt to the changes in weather and b) looks great too. Men especially find transitional dressing, as it’s called, particularly hard, so read on for our five between-season style tips for men.

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Footwear for medium weather

It’s great to wear proper boots in winter and sandals or deck shoes in summer, but what about the mid-months? The best choices here are desert boots, which can stand a bit of rain and cold but won’t have your feet sweltering when the sun comes out.

Cherish your chinos

When it’s too warm for jeans and too cold for shorts, chinos are …