Why Is That So Hard to Find Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Why is finding employment so difficult in Columbus, Ohio?

Because we sleep in a replacement time now where the subsequent is true in America:

You have a gentle increase in population and not enough jobs. 

Millions of people do STEM in college and tons of them can’t find jobs because there are too many of us and not enough jobs due to this reason all careers & vacancies is a dump.

International competition 

All STEM jobs attend newly arrived H1B Indians and Chinese or Asian people. You don’t stand an opportunity. They build networks with managers of their kind and they’ll only hire their own. This has been happening since the 90s all careers & vacancies. I might say H1B and student visas are your biggest competition.

Job switching culture

Today people are constantly trying to find new jobs and therefore the next opportunity. It’s common to modify jobs every 1–2 years. What I found is, there’s nobody I do know that’s not trying to find a far better job or a far better opportunity. Often that is the sole thanks to getting a 10–15% raise. So essentially, you’re competing with folks that don’t even need employment but apply anyway just to ascertain if there’s something better out there. Job switching culture produces all careers & vacancies.

Too many candidates

Due to the above points all careers & vacancies, there are just too many candidates for jobs out there, especially STEM. Once you get 300 applications for employment, nobody is getting to look around all of them. All they’re getting to do is that the 30-second rule just glances at your resume for 30 seconds. Eventually, all resumes look the same!

Too many qualified and above-average candidates

Just like in college where you’ve got a category of fifty and there are always some 5% that are top ranking, in an application pool of even 50, you don’t stand an opportunity unless you’re the highest 5%. The sad truth is that some people are never the highest 5%. Most of my friends who graduated in engineering got B’s and C’s. Nobody wants to rent a mean engineer or data scientist. This follows through their entire career; that’s, if you’re average at what you isdoing; nobody wants to rent you because there are always better candidates. If companies can’t find those better candidates, they wait and put the work out for 2–3 months. it’s more important to them to rent the proper top 5% candidate than hire somebody that’s average.


The last point is why you’re having trouble finding jobs because literally, only the highest qualified candidates get the work and, in any job, there are always those extremely qualified candidates. You merely don’t even stand an opportunity if you’re a mean candidate for STEM type jobs! The sole other way people find jobs are happy or because nobody wants to use thereto company and that they are having trouble finding people. Finally, sometimes, the celebs align and other people just hit the jackpot and obtain a job!