Month: October 2020

Some of the Best Woodlands in the UK – Where you can Enjoy an Autumn Walk

In the UK we are lucky enough to have around 3.19 million hectares of woodland – that is a lot of woodland! With all of the doom and gloom around this year, one of the best tonics is a woodland walk. With the autumnal chill in the air, it is a time to wrap up warm and treat yourself to some new winter clothing from somewhere like XV Kings menswear and head out into the woods to admire the beautiful autumnal trees on display…

Grizedale Forest – Set in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, the Lake District, close to the shores of Lake Windermere, this is a great place to enjoy the best of the British Woodlands. It has everything from beautiful views to the last remaining wild herd of Red Deer in the country – if you are lucky you may catch a …

What Is So Special About Aran Sweaters?

What’s so special about Aran sweaters? How did they gain such popularity? What do they mean to you? How are they different from ordinary ones? And most importantly, what do they cost?

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First of all, we can answer the first question: why Aran Sweaters? Aran is a style that’s been around for ages and has become well-known as one of the best in both quality and comfort. It’s a fact that the sweaters are incredibly comfortable to wear, while being made with luxurious materials that make them long-lasting and easy to maintain. Their designs are also top notch and timeless. In short, Aran Sweaters doesn’t only serve as fashionable pieces of clothing; they’re also very durable and are worth every single penny. Aran is one of the leading brands in this industry and you should consider investing in a sweater or two if you’re looking for …

How to Choose a Shelving Supplier

With so many different suppliers and manufacturers on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for the right storage unit. This article will provide a few tips and information for selecting the right provider for your needs. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading it you will be able to choose the right provider for your business.

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First of all, check their credentials and ask to see the company’s track record. A supplier who has had a lot of complaints from customers should not be trusted with a major project such as the installation of shelving. A company that has been in the industry for a number of years is more likely to have a good reputation and the knowledge to get the job done properly. Also check with sites like Trust Pilot to see if any complaints are made …

Downsizing in Retirement

Many people downsize on retirement and choose to save money, making sure that they maximise their income to get the most out of every pound they have. Many people have been in the position where they have been forced to downsize their retirement lifestyle, or they have been forced to downsize because of job loss or reduced hours. While there is nothing wrong with downsizing to help pay off debts or pay for other things, the majority of us feel that downsizing is a negative thing and that we would like to do everything in our power to maintain a lifestyle that gives us more than enough money to live on.

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The fact is though, that you can save a lot of money by making some sacrifices in the way you spend your money, and many find that downsizing in retirement is a beneficial thing to do. Wiltshire …

How the Roman’s heated up their homes

Whilst we take such things as fireplaces and radiators as all commonplace in our homes this was not what our ancestors had. Before the arrival of the Romans on the scene homes were heated in a very direct fashion, namely there was a fire pit dug in the middle of the room and hole was made in the thatch to allow the smoke to escape. Whilst this was effective it was also very smelly and hazardous to the lungs. It was no surprise then that when the Romans suggested a different approach it was soon taken up by the Ancient British leadership. Basically they brought in underfloor heating.

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Roman technology was very advanced both militarily and socially. They had benefited from the experience and knowledge of the Greeks, who had in turn got their ideas from the Middle Eastern civilizations like Persia and Babylon. The Roman idea …