Getting Birds out of My Yard

When I was buying my first house, I knew it was going to require some upkeep. Certainly more maintenance than I was used to in an apartment with a landlord. I had no idea though, that I would have to deal with birds. Lots of birds.They were everywhere in my yard, my car was constantly dirty thanks to them. Once I was nice and settled I gave up on trying to live with them and went and looked for some bird pest control options. I called them up and they came out and dealt with the problem. It turns out that I was in the perfect spot being between downtown and the ocean so I got both seagulls and pigeons bothering me. The pest control man that came out to help me deal with the problem said that they are more than just a nuisance, these birds can carry disease too. This made me feel even less guilty about trying to get rid of them. They came out, assessed the situation and gave me several options. I had them do some deterrents first. I thought it would be best if no birds came to harm if they did not have to. They put in some netting and a few spikes and I haven’t had anywhere near the problem I had before. I even took them up on their offer to power wash my driveway and the side of my house that was badly covered in bird dung. Now it all looks good as new. The kids can play out in the yard without me worrying about them getting sick from the birds and I can sit out in my yard with a coffee and a pasty in the morning and I don’t have to worry about the birds taking my food or even worse landing on it.