Celebrate a 40th Birthday Party in Orange County California

If you or a loved one is turning the big 40, you will need some unique 40th birthday party ideas to celebrate. In addition to the crepe paper decoration and yard signs, there are many 40th birthday party ideas in Orange County California like getting a midget exotic dancer or female stripper to turn the celebration into something memorable.

Fashion theme birthday party

This birthday party is perfect for the females who are fashion savvy from her teenage years up to now. Although, please do not surprise the guests who will walk down the catwalk. After arranging the stage and the seats for the guests, close family and friends of the celebrator will walk one by one and offer their messages. The party will definitely be special and fun-filled.

Firework display

What can be more mesmerizing than viewing amazing shapes in the dark sky? If it is easy for you to organize a pyrotechnics event, it will be a remarkable way to deliver your message of appreciation to her or him. Bring some Orange County strippers out on the beach at your hotel and event to show your birthday boy a great time. Surprise parties are always remembered and with some hot strippers it will leave a mark of amazing fun. Imagine how perfect it will be for the full family to lie down and watch as the sky lights up.

Childhood memories

One of the most touching, thoughtful surprises that every person can get is something which relates to their childhood. For a full surprise that the person turning forty would be experiencing, arrange a shock party at their favorite childhood place, or a place which meant a lot them growing up. Whether it is on a family holiday place or beach, or somewhere even more special, nothing will come as more of a shock than a party will all the family and friends at a place which used to mean so much. This is promised to leave them feeling loved, vital and very, very unique.

Fancy restaurant

Every person who turns forty deserves to be spoilt in one way or another, as reaching the age of forty is quite an achievement. A best idea for a way in which to shock them is by taking them out for a meal at a wonderful restaurant – somewhere a pretty more posh than you generally go, or a restaurant that they have forever fancied visiting. Arrange to have a crowd of close friends and family already behind you at the venue for a really unique party.

Bucket list party

A bucket list party is such a remarkable way to celebrate a 40th birthday. Millions of people have made a bucket list, with a selection of things to perform before they die. A 40th birthday marks roughly the center of life, so it is a perfect chance to tick another few items of the list.