Five between-season style tips

Dressing between the seasons is notoriously hard and months that make life especially difficult when it comes to wardrobe choices are September, October, April and May. One day it can be blazing hot, the next freezing cold. This means you’ll want to be wearing an outfit that can a) adapt to the changes in weather and b) looks great too. Men especially find transitional dressing, as it’s called, particularly hard, so read on for our five between-season style tips for men.

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Footwear for medium weather

It’s great to wear proper boots in winter and sandals or deck shoes in summer, but what about the mid-months? The best choices here are desert boots, which can stand a bit of rain and cold but won’t have your feet sweltering when the sun comes out.

Cherish your chinos

When it’s too warm for jeans and too cold for shorts, chinos are every man’s best friend. Invest in a few pairs of quality, designer chinos that’ll see you right through the transition months and even be useful throughout the British summer.

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Look to next season

The truly stylish among us will always be looking to the following season before it arrives. Whilst you can’t necessarily wear the items yet because they’re not in store, you can discover what patterns, colours and shapes are going to be hot and adopt them early. This is a seriously stylish way to transition between seasons.


Layering is vital in changeable weather because it means you can simply remove or add clothes as the weather changes. Good-for-layering clothes include flannel shirts which can be worn over t-shirts, men’s cardigans which are easy to take off when it gets warm and even an artfully worn scarf.

Lightweight outerwear

It really is worth investing in a stylish lightweight jacket, especially if you live in the UK where weather is often changeable. People see you in your coat far more than in your t-shirt in changeable weather so it really is worth investing in something quality, like one of the mens designer jackets from in a muted autumnal colour that will also suit spring, such as khaki or grey.

These five transition dressing tips will help you get it right as we approach a spring that keeps promising, but hasn’t yet delivered.