Month: March 2018

Alternatives to the traditional sofa

It may be a classic feature in households, but the sofa has been reinvented. Here are some contemporary alternatives to liven up your living room.

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Large, plump cushions can provide comfort and style without the bulk of a sofa, giving you more freedom with the space. There are endless designs to choose from, with options when it comes to the size, shape and texture to enable you to fully customise your living room while adding space and breathing new life into the surroundings.

When it comes to textiles, you can also consider large carpets for warmth against wooden or laminate flooring, balancing minimalism and modern design with an edge of warmth to make it feel more homely.

Bean bags

The soft, supple nature of bean bags can complement modern decor and white laminate flooring, such as that from, to add a degree of casual chic. …

Five between-season style tips

Dressing between the seasons is notoriously hard and months that make life especially difficult when it comes to wardrobe choices are September, October, April and May. One day it can be blazing hot, the next freezing cold. This means you’ll want to be wearing an outfit that can a) adapt to the changes in weather and b) looks great too. Men especially find transitional dressing, as it’s called, particularly hard, so read on for our five between-season style tips for men.

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Footwear for medium weather

It’s great to wear proper boots in winter and sandals or deck shoes in summer, but what about the mid-months? The best choices here are desert boots, which can stand a bit of rain and cold but won’t have your feet sweltering when the sun comes out.

Cherish your chinos

When it’s too warm for jeans and too cold for shorts, chinos are …